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Kind of like an actor prepping for a movie roll, I get to research and learn so many wonderful things because of the people I work with. 

People are more interesting than they realize... they are used to their own “selves,” but they reflect so many different subcultures: families with their own stories, their own traditions, their own unique traits. 

For me, my husband and I travel extensively and dote on our two dogs obsessively. We are both fortunate to work from home so demand the highest functionality from our space, while using our trips to inspire us. What inspires the spaces where you live and work?

Thoughtful design is about more than following a trend or creating a look, just enough for the sake of a snapshot or post-even though that is a nice side effect.

What I really want to do is help people find more joy in their lives, appreciate how influential they are, and support what they bring to the world by sharing their unique selves— through their most functional and purposeful living spaces.

How can your space support you with more function & purpose and bring you more joy? Let's connect!